Hi Mary Ellen! I actually read that book. It was good, but I also have the same problem of just simply a. being a person a woman and b. older than the young guy who wrote it.

In order to write now, I am able to go to the library at Christendom once a week and drown myself in books, but even then I also suffer distractions and a simple lack of drive.

The one thing that book did convince me to do was cut out Facebook. And with that went Instagram. I am still amazed by how much more time I have and how much less I am drawn to my phone. I also made my iPhone black-and-white since I realize colors have a real hold on my brain.

When I need a picture fix, I do get on Pinterest but only on my desktop since my phone is not black and white. Now substack is admittedly my new addiction. I just don’t subscribe to anything so that there is a limit to what I can read. :-)

I also would love to hear what any other women our age have to say about that book or about the problems of focus in general.

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